Navigating in Singapore for 3 days? 🧞‍♂️

We all know SG is a very tourist – friendly destination especially for Philippine passport holders. One thing for sure, is that there is no visa required for this respectable country. But how to make the most out of your 3 days in SG?

Here are the places I have visited with my family in SG which really does not break the bank:

1. Merlion Statue

Your SG trip wouldn’t surely be complete without snapping a photo with the famous Merlion statue. Perfect for any backdrop! The best thing? No entrance fee!

2. Marina Bay Sands

As this is just a pebble’s walk away from the Merlion statue viewing area, you obviously cannot miss this one either. Viewing it from afar seems more interesting than being inside, tbh. To top it off, don’t you recognize this landmark as the one shown in the Crazy Rich Asians film? There is an entrance fee for getting inside, though we chose just to admire it from afar.

3. Gardens by the Bay

This spot is perfect for every instagram post! Like the Marina Bay Sands, I think this is best viewed from afar. I did not managed to see it by night though, which is a shame, because I particularly heard that this area is a spectacular sight during evenings. Entrance is free, but you have to pay for going up.

4. Sentosa and Universal Studios SG

I happen to only have bought entrance tickets to Sentosa, since I am planning to experience my Universal Studios in Japan. It is good, though, especially as I am travelling with my family, since most of the rides in Sentosa are more family-oriented.

I particularly liked the E-scooter segway tour, in which you can roam the streets by renting an e-scooter. It is for a very short time though, and I really wanted for the ride to go longer than mere ten minutes.

You can get cheaper tickets via Klook, instead of falling in line to get the entrance tickets the day itself which is very time consuming. It is a great choice for getting the entrance tickets in advance, especially as the line in getting through the cable car is no easy feat and is long even on a weekday.

5. Singapore Botanical Garden

If you truly wanted a relaxation and refreshing area away from the histle and bustle of the city, then this is a must-go. A UNESCO-Accredited site, I think pne whole day is still not enough to roam the eathereal beauty of the place.

Your feet, however, must be prepared to walk a ton though, as getting through the exit near the metro station is also a feat of walking. Your tiredness will wbb though, especially once you drink in the natural beauty of the environment, with locals having their daily jog, and to my enjoyment, there was also one local who walked her dogs. Entrance to the botanical garden is free, and you can stay for as long as you like without worrying about photobombers when you take picture because the place is very spacious.

We also dropped by the Orchid garden, which is not a complete waste of time, because of many different floras amd faunas you can’t possibly imagine. With only SGD 5 entrance fee, it surely is a worthwile itinerary.

6. Bugis Street Market

A shopping haven indeed! You can find cheap souveneirs in this market, and refreshing drinks as well as delicious food for as low as SGD 1! Not bad!

7. Hawker food stalls

While some restaurants in SG are indeed pricey, there is no harm in trying affordable food in street stalls. Mind you, SG’s hawker street stalls are clean and with good ambiance, and with variety of food to choose from, you will simply love the place. From nasi lemaks, noodles, peking ducks, dumplings, curry, and many others, any of your cravings will surely be satisfied. You name it, and surely, the hawker’s got it for you at a wallet-friendly cost. Why, you might even try some stalls which were Michelin star rated!


Transportation is relatively very easy in Singapore. Maybe because the country is small, but the metro lines are indeed very easy to navigate compared to Japan and South Korea, which you can get dizzy for hours and still never memorize it. SG trains have numerous lines like Japan and Sokor, but because it has more directions and arrows pointing to the famous tourist destinations, I found it simply tourist- friendly. What’s more, the cost is very cheap too, and there are some routes that the cost deducted from my EZ link card were a mere 0.40 cents!


As a budget traveller, aside from the cost, what really matters to me in terms of accommodation is the close proximity to the public transportation. Hence, I always check the accommodations which are walking distance from the metro stations. Sure enough, I found a very good one near Bugis Station (a mere 3-minute walk) names Lai Ming Guesthouse. It is very popular with foreigners, and is very near food stalls amd restaurants as well. What’s more, it is 5 star rated by Agoda and have accommodating staff which let you leave your luggages prior check in time and after check out time so you can make the most out of your tour. They also have free daily breakfast (coffee, toast and kaya jam – my brother especially swears by their kaya jam as the best he ever tasted – he even asked where they buy the jams).

There are still more places I needed to visit in SG, and when I come back hopefully soon, I will visit the places which are a little farther from the city.

Until then, stay tuned to my next post!


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