Get Korea Tourist Visa for OFWs in Dubai 🇰🇷

It’s frustrating when you encounter an airline’s seat sale and you are itching to book that destination.. only to realize that you have to obtain a visa for that country. So, you postpone buying the ticket and instead prepare for the documents necessary for the visa application, however, the stress and anxiety of the ticket prices going up is intimidating.

Whether we like it or not, Philippine passport holders only have a limited number of countries that grant a visa free access and visa on arrival. Unfortunately, the country of kdramas is not included in that list. However, recently, South Korea has relaxed its requirements and visa application process to Filipinos, and what’s more, visa fee is also waived.

Fortunately, I have been in Dubai and was employed during the time when I applied, hence, the visa requirements were easier and more convenient compared when the visa is applied in the Philippines, as the procedure for the latter is mandatory to go through Embassy of South Korea’s accredited travel agencies. Not only more documents were required, but you have to pay for the travel agency fee as well. The process takes longer as well, according to my boyfriend his application took 2-3 weeks when he got approved contrary to mine in Dubai which only took 4 working days.

Further, I am going to list the requirements normally asked by the Embassy of Korea in Dubai for Filipinos residing in UAE under employment with a sponsor, which is also as per their official website.

Disclaimer: Do check from time to time their requirements as it is subject to change and can be updated without further notice.


1. Visa application Form

Should be answered completely and accurately, and duly signed by the applicant. It is better to submit a computerized form as handwritten forms sometimes can pose a problem especially if the handwriting is not legible.


You may download the latest format of application form in their website.

2. Passport Sized Photo

Must be taken within the past 6 months and pasted on the application form.

3. Original Passport and copy

The passport must be valid at least 6 months from the travel date and must have 2 blank visa pages.

4. UAE Residence Visa copy

VERY IMPORTANT AND FOR STRICT COMPLIANCE. Must be valid at least 6 months from the travel date. If less than this period, visa must be applied in the home country.

5. UAE Company Letter / No Objection Certificate from the Company

A duly stamped and signed letter from the Company which states that they have no objection with your travel and the purpose of applicant’s travel to Korea. Details such as applicant’s name, birthdate, passport number, nationality, position, salary, date joined and other pertinent information shall be reflected.

Do not also forget to include the name, position and contact details of the authorized signatory and attach a copy of his passport for verification and reference.

6. Original stamped Bank Statements

Should be original and stamped for the past 3 months in order to prove the applicant’s capability to travel. Online bank statements and payslips are not accepted as replacement for the above mentioned requirement.

7. Detailed Schedule of Stay / List of Itineraries

Unlike Japan, it doesn’t really have a specific format for the schedule of stay. However, include the necessary and standard details such as date, specific name of destinations and the hotel you are staying.

For reference, you may see the sample itinerary I used for my application below:

8. Confirmed Flight and Hotel bookings

Yes, they required a confirmed roundtrip booking, and I did present to them my booking ticket from Air Asia. For the hotel booking you can always choose the booking with flexible and free cancellation terms which will not require you to pay instantly.

Other documents I submitted:

Being a perfectionist as I can be, I always prepare a lot of excess and extra documents which I think if not needed, will provide strong and more support on my application:

  • Travel Insurance

There’s no harm in purchasing travel insurance regardless if it is needed for visa application. Afterall, you may never know what the future beholds. And believe me, some Immigrations require this on the date of your arrival, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are a lot of travel agencies who offer travel insurance quotations, and normally they would know the specifications of a specific travel insurance needed for the country you are applying for.

Note: Actually during my time of application, travel insurance was required. I think recently they relaxed a bit the requirements though.

  • Emirates ID copy

Yes, there is already a residence visa copy, so what’s the need? Still, I think it is common sense to submit as it proved to be your main identity card in UAE.

  • Trade License copy of your Sponsor

During my application, I remember this has been part of the requirements also. Also, it is better to submit this document to strongly support that you are working in a licensed and stable Company.

  • Previously issued visas / departure and arrival stamps from other countries, copies only

If you have travelled to other countries before, then this will be an advantage, as it will prove that you do not have history of overstaying in other countries. If you have a previous Korean visa, then you need to submit a copy as a mandatory requirement.


1. Upon completion of necessary requirements, you have to go to the Consulate of South Korea in Dubai personally. Note that there is no online appointments and only walk in accepted.

2. The Consulate is located at Villa 39, St. 24b, Area 342, Jumeirah 2, Dubai.

How to go there thru public transportation:

– Using the metro, get off at Business Bay Station and exit at the seaside portion.

– Take the Bus 9 and alight at Al Wasl, Street 35, Dar Al Bar Society Bus stop.

– Walk a little until you see a gas station . Go behind the gas station and look for the Korean Consulate office in Street 35.

The consulate is accepting applications from 9:00 – 11:20 am. Note that it is on a first come, first served basis, and limited applicants per day are only allowed, otherwise, the guard will advise you to come back earlier the next working day.

In my case, I filed a half day leave from my Company and woke up as early as 5:30am. I was able to arrive the consulate by 7:30am, but the guard only hands out the number tokens by 8:30am. However, you will be asked to log your name and the time upon your arrival and there the guard will base the sequence of the applicants’ arrival. I got a number 4 token, and had ample of time to relax and review once more my documents.

– Once inside, there is a large Monitor which will show the number being called. Once called, go promptly to the counter and hand over the requirements.

– If your requirements are complete, the person receiving the documents will not ask any questions and will give you a stub stating the date you can collect your passport. Normally they put 4 working days after the application date. When you collect your passport , they will stamp it and give it back to you along with the passport.

This is the stub I received from them:

3. The process is fast, compared to the waiting time. So, like many others, wait patiently on the date of collection.

However, I heard that you can track the status online in their official online visa tracking website. I actually tried it on the 2nd day of waiting, and the status is still under process. By the 3rd day of checking, I was relieved to find the status as approved.

Do note that sometimes the details are not updated real time, so still it is better to save your excitement when you do collect your passport. Though in my case, when I collected my passport, I was indeed approved a single entry tourist visa valid for 3 months:

So that’s it. I hope this blog can help you. However, when in doubt, there’s no harm in checking their official website, and contacting them beforehand for any inquiries / clarifications throughy their email address and contact number.

Stay tuned for my wanderlust adventure blog soon!

Disclaimer: All information and details in my blog are purely intended for reference and additional knowledge only. Note that the Consulate may ask additional requirements even after the application. Visa issuance does not also always guarantee automatic entry to the country, and the immigration reserves the right to deny entry shall there be any reason / circumstance arise. I am not in any way connected with the Office of the Consulate or any travel agency, and my blog is solely from my personal experience. For any official and latest information, refer to the Consulate’s website .



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